We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed

Life is finite: A slightly morbid, but unfortunately all too true, sentiment and one that I am sure resonates within all of us. Part of the beauty of the world we live in and our experiences is knowing that they are limited, nevertheless it can sometimes be a hard truth to swallow.



We often say that the reason we value certain experiences is because they’re “once in a lifetime opportunities”, but what about the everyday in a lifetime opportunities? Surely we shouldn’t merely value ostentatious acts such as skydiving or swimming with dolphins. I myself am concerned with life’s temporality not because I’m scared I won’t get to do those things but because I want more time with the people I surround myself with.

I suppose that’s why I am here, writing this today. It’s all too easy to acknowledge these facts and use them to motivate ourselves to go travelling or go for the job we want, whilst neglecting other important things in life.

So yes, what I am trying to say is that life is short and even when it’s long we are still going to wish we had longer. Everyday it is your duty to remember that fact. Use it to make the most of what you have. Let it remind you to tell the people near and dear to you that they are loved. I sure wish I had before it was too late.


Dedicated to my dear friend, Miguel. 


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