Someone Like Me

It’s that time of year again, that I’m sure so many of you are familiar with yourselves… The seasons are changing, the temperatures dropping and for myself, that means just one thing – Time for a wardrobe update. So due to this (not so) desperate need for new clothes and okay, perhaps a little boredom, my online shopping addiction has resurfaced. Unfortunately, this is problematic for one of two reasons; Firstly, a want of money and secondly because I just can’t seem to damn well work out what clothes will look nice on me.

Now I’m sure some, if not many, of you are thinking the latter problem could be easily solved by simply going into a real three dimensional shop and trying on whatever clothes it is I’m lusting after… However, I refuse to accept that solution. In an age where everything is electronic and just a few mere taps away, why should I, the lazy shopper that I am, have to hop on a train and spend a sweaty few hours fruitlessly trying on clothes in a busy and noisy store?

Unfortunately, I fear that all this talk of shopping is leading me away from my main point… The root of the problem is that I don’t know what the clothes I’m browsing will look like on me because none of the models truly represent any kind of likeness to me. Now, don’t worry, this isn’t just another rambling piece about how all models are gorgeous and a size 6; I have no problem with models being beautiful and slim, because many girls are beautiful and slim (most of my friends included). Similarly, I have no issue with models being beautiful and large, because many girls are beautiful and large. My issue lies with the fact that I am not a size 6 and I’m not a size 16, so who can I align with?

Let me make myself clear, I’m not frustrated that my body type isn’t being presented in the media, this is an issue of practicality not politics. With all the fat shaming and skinny shaming constantly consuming headlines and debates in the fashion world, it may seem a little silly to be arguing for a wider array of models due to nothing but my sheer laziness, but to me it simply seems necessary.

So, if the fashion powers that be are listening, I implore you to make use of those models who lie somewhere within the spectrum of size if for no other reason than to let me shop from the comfort of my own bed without putting me through the inevitability of copious amounts of returns.


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