The 10%

Recently I made the appalling, to say the least, discovery that many women’s products are being sold at 10% more than men’s that do exactly the same job. For example, men’s razors are likely to cost far less than women’s, despite doing the same, if not a better, job. What astounded me the most might have been the fact that apparently there is scientific research proving that women like to pay more for their products because it makes them feel “pampered”. Well I’m not having any of it.

The idea itself seems absurd. If I see two near identical products next to each other on the shelf I’ll choose the cheaper one, unless of course I know that one is far superior, and I’m sure most women would agree with me. It’s bad enough that in women’s razor commercials the model seems to be shaving a hairless leg… apparently lying to us isn’t enough, we’re now being fleeced out of our money too.

Despite the fact I may like to treat myself from time to time to a product with better packaging, basic essentials should still be equally priced. If they do the same job they ought to cost the same, this is a pretty simple concept. Until recently I was pretty much unaware of the gender inequality when it came to buying your everyday products, but the fact companies are charging us ladies around 10% more for simply whacking some pink flowers on the packaging and claiming it smells like “crystal rain” is utter nonsense.

Yet that isn’t all that’s bothering me. Shockingly, I’ve only just been made aware that the government have been taxing ladies sanitary products (tampons and the like) as a luxury item. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure menstruating isn’t a luxury experience. Funnily enough, more gender inbalance comes into it. Men’s razors are in fact not being taxed. So apparently the government believe that beards must be tamed but containing periods is a luxury?

Many a time I have been out and about and mother nature drops by at just the wrong time. Not only am I then worried about the primary problem, I have to find three quid in order to sort it out! Well I’m not impressed and I certainly believe this needs to stop.

So ladies, I say we unite and make a stand. These problems have vanished into the midst of the 90s but we can’t let companies and our very own government forget about them. Problems may not be fixed overnight but if we make enough noise, hopefully someone will listen. And I for one am certainly going to start buying men’s razors…


One thought on “The 10%

  1. There was an article on The Independent recently about how sanitary towels need to stop being taxed as luxury products and there’s a petition too: on

    Also the bogus study claiming women like to feel pampered is nothing but a marketing ploy, and it’s the advertising that enables companies to charge more. If you haven’t read it yet, I think you’d enjoy Naomi Woolf – The Beauty Myth.


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