A Brief Rant: #AskHerMore

Nothing riles me more than a woman so ignorant that she doesn’t even realise how unfeminist her own views are. Picture this: After a long hard day of doing nothing I settled down to watch a recording of Dragon’s Den. Now being the self-confessed lazy person that I am, I didn’t get up immediately to turn the television of and an episode of Newsnight came on. I wasn’t particularly paying any attention until I heard a woman slating the recent #AskHerMore campaign.

#AskHerMore was a campaign brought to prominence by funny girl Amy Poehler to encourage red carpet journalists to ask women about more than just the cliché “Who are you wearing?” This has featured prominently throughout awards season and a few interviewers have in fact branched out in suit. However, a journalist named Rosie Millard talking on Newsnight seemed to do what I might expect of some uninformed male… She chose to blame the ‘victim’, as you might say.

According to Millard the whole campaign is “ridiculous” and it’s absurd to ask women other questions when they indulge in the fad by dressing up for the event. In order to be “taken seriously, like the men” women ought to turn up in a “normal evening dress”. To me it seems abundantly clear that what’s ridiculous and absurd is this woman’s attitude.

Just because Reese Witherspoon chooses to dress well to a formal event, does not mean that’s all reporters should focus on. Of course, it is nice to know what people are wearing but perhaps that should be an afterthought, as opposed to the entire talk time. These actresses have worked hard and done some equally impressive things to men, and it’s upsetting to think that there are people who could possibly believe they aren’t worthy of more than a few questions about their manicure.

Luckily I haven’t seen much resistance to this campaign and I hope I don’t hear any more. What does Millard expect women to do, turn up in brown sacks to accept their Oscar in? If those were the lengths needed to go to just for a woman to be taken seriously in Hollywood I truly would be ashamed.


2 thoughts on “A Brief Rant: #AskHerMore

  1. It’s a shame when internalised misogyny tricks women into believing they should ‘be more like men’ because that somehow makes them better as people. Privilege can often blind people into believing all the misogynistic lies we’re indoctrinated with when we’re young – that women are superfluous and fundamentally silly etc. The campaign will definetely drown out her ill thought-out objections though, so there’s always hope.


    1. It just goes to show to what extent misogyny is ingrained within society, that even women can believe it. Yes I’m confident that most people will see the campaign for what it is and that it’s genuinely necessary not just some silly Hollywood whim.

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