My New Toy (Nikon D3200)

After nearly two years of studying Photography, and enjoying it for even longer, I finally ordered my own DSLR. Luckily I’ve been able to borrow cameras from my college but it was getting pretty exhausting lugging it home on the train everyday!

So after much consulting and thorough research into which camera would be best suited to me, I settled upon the Nikon D3200. When it arrived yesterday I must confess I was like a little girl on Christmas day and I’ve spent most of the morning playing around with it.

Nikon D3200 with its packaging.
Nikon D3200 with its packaging.

From looking at various tech and photography blogs and reviews I gathered the idea that the Nikon D3200 is unanimously seen as one of the best entry level cameras. Despite spending so much of my time doing photography a basic camera such as this seems to suit my needs, covering all the basic functions without the professional price tag.

For a mere £289 (which is cheap as DSLRs go), this model comes with all your expected functions as well as having a mighty 24mp. Although it did take me a good hour or so to work out how to actually put the lens cap on, it is very easy to use.

I’m still getting used to it as I’ve been using the Canon 1000D for the past few years although they are actually fairly similar, as you might expect. Unfortunately my house doesn’t contain anything very inspirational, but I thought I’d share some test photos I took this morning.






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