Review: The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby (Him)

Yesterday I had the misfortune of dedicating ninety minutes of my life to the painful experience that was ‘The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby’. It sounded like an interesting concept, two films told from the perspectives of two people in a relationship. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to it’s rather respectable 63% rating.

The film stars James McAvoy, whom I’ve seen a several great films such as Trance, Welcome to the Punch and the recent X-Men films, alongside the beautiful Jessica Chastain who most recently appeared in Interstellar. Sadly even the best of actors can’t redeem such a dull story.

A promising start was made as you’re introduced to two characters dining at a restaurant. Clearly young and in love they choose to make a dash to avoid paying in a fast paced sequence which leaves the viewer entertained by two rather endearing characters. However this short but sweet sequence is where the fun ends. The entirety of the film is left to be morbid and slow paced.

Despite some (implied) tragic events happening to the couple I felt little to no sympathy towards them due their dull, if not very irritating, personalities. James McAvoy’s character, Conor, is consumed with self-pity and obsessive behaviour, whereas Eleanor (Chastain) seems flippant and annoying. Although I am inclined to be a little more forgiving of Eleanor Rigby as this was only the ‘Him’ side of the story. Perhaps she’s less infuriating in ‘Her’?

The one redeeming aspect of this tiresome film was Bill Hader’s performance as the best friend. Even with his short bursts of humour the film was still almost unbearable. Unfortunately now I’m going to have to put myself through another hour and a half to endure ‘Her’. I can only hope it’s better than this was. Maybe it was a good idea to combine the films into a mere two hour ‘Them’ after all.


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