Why is it so easy to rely upon someone? Falling in love can be nothing less than finding someone whom you can trust in and give yourself to. Whether it be a friend, family member or genuine lover, that’s where you find this ‘love’.

Perhaps it’s a rather cynical view but to me love seems to be a rather vain concept. Myself, one of the reasons I’ve been so grateful for ‘love’ is the attention it’s given me. Regardless of whether someone interests me or not, I am grateful for the  way they behave towards me.

Love has surrounded me this weekend. As an avid social network-er I’ve seen many a snapchat and ‘lucky girl’ pandora infused Instagram, yet the gratitude doesn’t seem to be for this pure romanticism yet more so for the recognition of our own persons.

I personally believe we need to rethink our ideals surrounding love. Instead of simply longing to be appreciated, we ought to long for a more mutual and simplistic kind of love. Why is it that Valentine’s day is the only time we show our love for others?

Whether it be a man/woman, relative or friend, we really ought to show our love for others everyday in order to avoid this selfish type of relationship. Valentine’s day seems to have turned into an occasion where we show off to others.”Yes, I got my boyfriend Ralph Lauren boxers and lots of chocolates, like my photo on Facebook!!!!”

Of course it’s lovely to dedicate a day to someone but perhaps we shouldn’t rely on Valentine’s day so much to convey our intimate feelings through false Hallmark cards.


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